June 17, 2013

Costa Rica>>Day Three

Our third day in Costa Rica was quite busy.  I grabbed a brochure for the different tours that were offered through the hotel, and we just decided to drive ourselves to a couple of the places that were offered, because we're smart like that (and cheap).  This was a huge benefit of having our own car.  It saved us a whole lotta money.  So, on this day, we visited a waterfall, a national park....where we saw 2 more waterfalls, and some hot springs.
This waterfall was amazing.  It was the perfect location to swim, swing, and picnic.  It's also not super popular, so there were not a ton of people there, which was nice.  We swam out and walked behind the waterfall and sat underneath it.
And Nick got himself some coconut water.

When we were done at Llano de Cortes, we drove to Rincon de le Vieja National Park.  Here we found a waterfall, some hot springs, and another waterfall.
This one was my favorite!  While we were there, it started pouring down rain (it is the wet season in Costa Rica, after all.)  That meant that when I got in the water and froze my butt off just so that I could have a picture of me with the waterfall, the picture did not get taken.  I was slightly perturbed. Just ask Nick.  It was all HIS fault...duh.
Of course there is a picture of him though.

After the rainy waterfall, we decided to check out some hot springs to warm up.  This place was so cool.
There were 7 pools like this, all at different temperatures.  And if you got too hot, you could always cool off in the stream that ran through the hot springs.  I did not get too hot...Nick did.
They also had hot volcanic mud to take a mud bath in.  And now, we are working on getting the mud out of our bathing suits.
When we were done at the hot springs, we decided to hike to one more waterfall, because why not?

We ended the day with dinner at Papagayo in Playa Coco.  We loved this place so much, we ate there twice.

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