September 19, 2013

The Great Salt Lake and a Court Date

Before we left Utah, we decided to do one last touristy thing.  In all the times I have been to Utah (which has been a significant amount, seeing as how my dad is from there), I have never seen the Great Salt Lake.  So, we decided to venture out that way and dip our toes. I wanted to plop Silas in the water, since apparently, you can't sink, but some people didn't think that was a good idea.
We walked quite a ways out into the lake, but the water never even reached our knees...not the deepest lake in the world.
We decided to finalize our adoption in Utah, so we had to go to court while we were there.  We did not know that we would be doing this, so we were not particularly prepared, as evidenced by the picture below.
But, we had a very nice judge, and the whole experience was awesome!
And just to clarify, the adoption isn't final yet.  We just appeared in court while we were there so that we will not have to return in 6 months when the adoption is officially finalized.
The last of our time in Utah was spent visiting Nick's sister Alyssa in St. George.
And then we came home!  Our friends had the house all clean and nice for us and even welcomed us with a banner and flowers.  
Our whole time in Utah was so wonderful, and we were so blessed by this adoption.  It is such an incredible way to become a family, and I am so thankful that we got to experience becoming parents this way. I have lots more to say about that, but I'll save it for later.  For now, we are happy to be home and love having Silas as a part of it.

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  1. Hi, Mindy - I just reached Finding Sunday via This Simple Home and was happily surprised to see that you just posted the finalized adoption pics for Silas. Congratulations to you and Nick! :) ATNT