November 1, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch and National Adoption Awareness Month

After several failed attempts to find a pumpkin patch that actually still had pumpkins (hello procrastination), we found the perfect little patch to take some pictures with Silas and buy his first pumpkin.  And just in the nick of time, since Nick claimed we were giving up if this one didn't work out. Pictures at the pumpkin patch are high on this mom's priority list and low on dad's....enter marital conflict. And since I was without a car this week (thanks to the chaotic post office parking lot and pesky blind spots), I was completely dependent on the bah humbug husband. Thank the dear Lord this one worked out, because I love these pictures.
He can't be that big of a bah humbug if he was willing to pose for all these pictures.  But someone else was a bit of one....
I don't know why.  I think laying on a pile of pumpkins would be extremely comfortable.
 And then, a costume change...
And we found Silas' first pumpkin!
Woo Hoo! First Halloween complete!
And we made it home just in time for the whopping two trick-or-treaters that came to our door. I guess we didn't need that huge Costco bag of candy that I insisted we get.

In other news, it's November, which means it is also National Adoption Awareness Month. To celebrate, I'm going to try to post several adoption related posts this month, and hopefully make you aware of other couples who are in the adoption process who could use your support!  If that's you, let me know.  I'd love to help spread the word!

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  1. I couldn't find your email and so I figured I'd leave a comment. My husband and I are in the domestic adoption process and are waiting to be matched! In the meantime we are fundraising and waiting for THE call :) Email me at leah.braly (at) gmail dot com, I'd love help spreading the word :)