December 16, 2013

Adoption Month

So, me blogging about adoption through the month of November for National Adoption Month?
Total fail!

I have a whole bunch of posts started in my drafts, but none of them feel like they are expressing the point I'm trying to make clearly enough. And I really want to be clear, because this topic is obviously very close to my heart.  Hello Silas…..
But guess what?  We adopted.  So, that kind of makes this an adoption blog.  So, I can blog about adoption whenever I want.  And so I will.  So, you'll still get to see all those posts that I didn't get around to perfecting...someday.  I have the rest of my life to talk about how awesome adoption is.

For now, I wanted to bring someone else's adoption to your attention.
Meet Leah and Ben!
They are waiting to be matched with their first baby and are in the process of fundraising.  They are doing a really cool Tree of Life Fundraiser, where you can purchase a "leaf" from the tree to support their adoption. What a great gift to give this Christmas season! You can read more about it and see how cool the tree is here on their blog. I just bought my leaf today!  You should go buy one too! 

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