December 22, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

On December 2nd, we met up with our friends Dave and Esther and Isaac to pick out our Christmas trees!  We wanted to make it really Christmasy this year, so we decided to go all out.  The Costco parking lot tree farm and dinner at In-N-Out...about as festive as you can get, right?
Costco doesn't let you open up the trees to check them out, which goes totally against my OCD tree picking genes, so we didn't know what we were going to get.  But, as should be expected from Costco, it is the most perfect tree we have had.  So, we decided to keep her and gussy her up.
And then we added Silas's first Christmas ornament that I ordered from The 1500 Tree Project. (You should check out her shop and order something from her to support their adoption.)  I love his ornament!
And here is our tree in all her glory...

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