December 1, 2013


A couple weeks ago, we traveled to Redding to be at the funeral of Nick's uncle. A very sad occasion brought together people who don't see each other often enough, so it was a bittersweet weekend. We enjoyed the wonderful family time, celebrating the life of Nick's uncle, and sharing Silas with his Northern California family.
It's safe to say, Silas doesn't mind flying too much.
We flew into Sacramento and ate breakfast here with Nick's parents.  I highly recommend the restaurant if you are ever in Sacramento.
Then we made the drive to Redding, where Silas met lots of family.
Great Grandma Helen
The Sundial Bridge is a favorite place in Redding, so we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather with two walks at the bridge over the course of the weekend.
And then coming home, we ran into these guys..,
Our gates were right next to each other in the airport.  They were heading back to Arizona when we were heading home.  Perfect timing!

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  1. That baby is so loved. I love that bridge. Sorry for your loss. It is nice that you got to be with each other.