January 6, 2014

Christmas Part Two: Christmas Day

Silas's First Christmas!
We had so much fun with this little guy.  Obviously, he had no clue what was going on and no idea that these presents were for him, but even still, Santa came!  Yay! Santa hasn't had a reason to come to this house in a long time, so this was a very exciting day.  And, since Silas was not all that aware of the fact that he was receiving presents, Santa did himself a favor and found some random things in Silas's closet that have yet to be used and wrapped them up.  There were some new things too though.  Santa's not THAT cheap.
Silas got me a present too (such a sweet boy).  It was a really cool antique necklace that matched what I was wearing perfectly and which you can see in some of the photos of the day that are coming up.  I LOVED it.
After a quiet morning with just the three of us, we headed to my Grandma's house, where the rest of the day was spent in the complete opposite of quiet.  We had our usual Christmas meal of hamloaf (yes, HAMloaf….delicious), macaroni, potato salad, beans, apple sauce, etc, etc, etc., which we feast on all the livelong day.  We had our annual gift exchange game, which gets rather ruthless.  And of course, there was a nertz tournament.
Also, 80 degree weather on Christmas day...no complaints here.

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  1. it looks like you guys such a happy Christmas :) everyone keeps telling me that it`s a baby`s second Christmas where they start getting into it, so watch out! Also Silas is SO cute!