February 8, 2014

Teacher Valentine

I don't talk about it very often on this blog, but in my real life I am a teacher.  Thankfully, I have been able to job share the last two years with my friend Amy.  What that means is that I work 2 days one week and 3 days the next, then she takes over and does the same thing.  So, we share a classroom, and our kids have two teachers, AND I get more time at home with Silas. 

I usually just do boring store bought valentines for the kids, but this year, we decided to spice things up a bit.  I saw this idea and decided to replicate it.  When I couldn't find Laffy Taffy's, I improvised and went with Snickers instead.  Here's our version:  
Now our kids will have an adorable picture of their all time favorite teachers to put in a frame (or to draw mustaches on).

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