August 16, 2014

Orange County Fair

Nick went to Alaska last week for our friend's wedding. While he was gone, we went to the Orange County Fair.  Being the procrastinators that we are, we waited until the day before the fair ended to go, so Nick did not get to join us. If you know Nick even just a little bit, you will know that he was not too disappointed about this. So, Silas was my date, and we joined my parents and two of my sisters and their husbands. I'm mostly embarrassed at the ridiculous quality of these photos. Nick had our good camera with him in Alaska, where it remains today, since he is as forgetful as me and left it there. Despite that, I guess I'm not embarrassed enough to skip this post. It was Silas's first fair, after all, so it's well worth sharing.  
We like to enter the fair in style, and clearly, my mom and I were in the middle of a fascinating discussion.These pictures make it appear that Silas was really interested in the animals. He wasn't. He was only interested in putting his mouth on the nasty fence that had animal poop all over it.And, now I present unto you....the cheesiest picture of all time, and the reason why Nick is SO glad he was in Alaska....Now my brothers-in-law will kill me. But, there you have it...OC Fair 2014. Done and done. 

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  1. Really - Ben and Nestor were willing participants?