May 6, 2015

Easter 2015

  April was quite an eventful month for us, so I've got some blogging to catch up on. Starting with Easter! Nick spoke at Rock Harbor central on Good Friday at four different services. There he is in front of all those people....

We went to church on Easter morning, then went to my grandma's house for an Easter egg hunt. This was Silas's first egg hunt, but the only thing he had any interest in was the cool police car Grandma has. I had to distract him and hide it to even get him to have any interest in what was going on. He was still only mildly interested, but that didn't stop us from finding as many eggs as possible. Silas and Trevor liked exploring their loot together, which included mostly yogurt bites along with some candy bars that were pretty much all eaten by the parents.

My grandma took a picture with all the great grandsons who were there. Four out of the five kids in this picture are black (or at least part). How rad is that!? Our family has got some color now, and I love it!
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1 comment:

  1. I agree it's nice to have a colorful family. I have a a niece and nephew that have added some color to my side. :)