June 8, 2015

Memorial Weekend

I am officially on my summer break! Yay! I am so looking forward to having more time to write and blog, enjoy my family, and maybe even keep my house clean. We are off for our first summer trip today, headed North to visit Nick's family. So, I'll start the blog catch-up now. Over Memorial weekend, Nick's sister and her boyfriend came to visit us, and we took a fun trip to the tidepools. It was an unusually cold Memorial weekend, so we were all bundled up, but Silas didn't care. He just wanted to be in the water. He loved splashing around and running into and away from the waves. It was impossible to not get wet while holding his hand. Hence, all the pictures with Dad in them. Alyssa also taught Silas the art of skipping rocks, which I'm sure he'll catch onto once he can get them to make it all the way into the water.
And now, I am looking forward to warm beach days!

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