March 12, 2018

Homeschool: Rainbow Week

I've started to get into a groove with this homeschooling thing (now that it's March and almost summer). So, I've decided to do a blog post at the end of each week to share what we've been working on. We had so much fun last week working through different activities, and I want to keep up with it! So, this blogging thing is mostly just to keep me accountable to actually stick with planning and then doing the things I plan. Because, as a scattered, over-committed, procrastinator, I tend to not do a good job sticking with things.

With that said, here's a taste of what we did last week.
I bought A Year of Playing Skillfully to use as a curriculum for this year. I love it so much and the philosophy behind based learning! I also like to supplement. It's the curse of being a classroom teacher for 12 years. I know there are endless resources out there, and I feel the need to find it ALL. So, you'll see a mixture of all sorts of things in our weekly activities.

The theme for March in A Year of Playing Skillfully is Rhythm and Rainbows. I'm trying to choose a specific theme each week that falls into the different monthly themes the curriculum offers. So, this last week, we focused on the story of Noah's Ark and rainbows and worked on the letter N.
Making rainbows out of pipe cleaners and a colander.
Play-doh rainbow. Somehow we didn't have yellow, so we made 2 rows of orange instead.
So much rainbow finger painting this week!
Decorating the letter N with rainbow colored tissue paper and doing an N hunt (you can find these worksheets free here, and we use these markers).
I found a great Noah's Ark pack from 123 Homeschool 4 Me that we used for several of the activities above.

We had a rainbow day with our co-op full of rainbow activities and snacks.
These canvases are the perfect affordable way to have kids paint when you want to keep their artwork.
My favorite part of the week was our nature walk, where we collected nature items in all the colors of the rainbow.
Then we created the letter N with our findings!
I bought this Nature Alphabet Book from Little Pine Learners. Each week, we plan to make a letter out of what we find on our nature walks. She also has this free Search and Sketch worksheet, which we altered to be "search and glue" instead.
Junia hangs out with us and does what she can. If she can't do whatever we're working on, she colors or plays with blocks or a puzzle or eats or whatever we can find that distracts her long enough. She wants to be a big girl and is really good at hanging with the big kids, so it works well.
This week, she especially enjoyed playing with this and this, which went well with our rainbow theme.

Some of the books we read this week were The Rainbow Fish, Noah's Ark, A Rainbow of My Own, and Elmer and the Rainbow. We read the story of Noah's Ark from this Read Aloud Bible Stories. I love the illustrations in these books, and the stories are perfect for this age. We also read a little about rainbows in Nature Anatomy, one of my favorite books! 

We watched a couple videos this week that went with what we were learning. We love Jack Hartmann, so we watched his N video and his ROY G BIV video, which involved a little exercise. We also watched this Mother Goose Rainbow video, How a Rainbow is Formed, and this Noah's Ark story (God's voice in this one kind of cracked me up). Those brief moments when they are watching these videos are the heavenly moments I'm actually able to get something else done.

Hopefully I will have lots more weekly homeschool posts to come!


  1. I didn't homeschool the kids at that age in any official way, but when your child needs intense speech therapy, every day is filled with purposeful play! I loved sharing what worked for me. :)

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