About Me

Hi! I'm Mindy.
I am married to this guy.
His name is Nick. He's kind of a mountain man.

This is our son, Silas...
We adopted him domestically from birth.

We live in Southern California, where Nick is a pastor and I am a part-time teacher and co-owner of Rooted Ink. We love the beach, the mountains, fixing up our house, spending time with family, and dancing.  Okay, really it's just me that likes dancing, but I'm counting on Silas to join me on that one someday.

We talked about adoption on our very first date and always knew it was going to be a part of our future family.  After trying to get pregnant for a year, we decided to pursue adoption instead of fertility treatment.  Adoption was as much a desire of our hearts as pregnancy was, so it was the obvious choice for us. Our journey to Silas was not what we expected, and it was filled with a lot of pain and heartache.  Despite all that, God is good, and I wouldn't write our story any differently. Silas is the dreamiest little baby, and we are unbelievably blessed to be his parents.  Seriously, look at him!
We have started the process for adoption #2 and cannot wait to meet our next baby love!

So, what are you going to find on this blog?
A whole lotta random.  I blog about adoption, infertility, my faith, family stuff, house projects, and mostly, Silas.

Have a question?  I would love to chat! Leave a comment, or email me at



  1. Found your blog through the IG fridayintroductions and I've just gotta say your boy is just too cute!! I'm hopeful for adoption one day soon and look forward to learning more about your journey! - Sarah J @sometimesphotojenik

  2. Hi Mindy, I also found your blog via IG. Thank you for sharing pieces of your story. We're on the infertility journey as well. We have one boy and are starting to think about alternatives to treatment...adoption maybe? Saying a prayer for you today!

  3. I just adore your blog and inspiration. We have a 3.5 year old and have been struggling with secondary infertility. The IVF path seems to be full of obstacles and a part of my heart longs to adopt but for some reason, we are having trouble as a family to officially pick the path. I'd love to connect.