August 29, 2009

Camping With the Kinniers Part 3

Now I hate to bore all 3 of you that read my blog, but I do have a couple more posts of our trip to Plumas County. I promise,this is the second to last post about the trip. These pictures were all taken on the Eureka Peak hike. Now, camping with the Kinnier's is not your average camping trip. Not that I would know, considering they are the only people I have every gone camping with. But, when we camp, we pretty much hike every day. As the days go on, this usually involves Nick and Tom having to convince everybody that it will be fun. (Another seven mile hike doesn't sound fun after you have already hiked a couple of days...I'm with you Molly). But, of course it always is fun, even if it is hard.

At the Top

Relaxing After the Long Hike
(What is with Nick's face?)
Stay tuned tomorrow for our last and final hike to Rock Lake....I'm sure the suspense is killing you. You may even get to see some video footage of Nick jumping off a rock!
By the way, Nick, his friends, and the caribou have made it back safely to civilization. He is in Fairbanks now and will be back Monday! (with 25 pounds of caribou meat)


  1. I never knew this was your original blog! How fun! I love camping with you guys...looks like you had fun, tiresome, but fun!

  2. I enjoy these posts :) keep em comin

  3. I'm expecting Caribou jerkey for Christmas. :P This week whenever I told my friends that my brother was caribou hunting they thought it was hilarious. I'm still wondering how he convinced you to let him go, but I'm glad he's back safe.

    I like your blog, Mindy.

  4. Thanks Mollers...there will be plenty of caribou for Christmas. Our freezer is FULL!