August 23, 2009

Letter To My Husband

I think that I will write you letters occassionally while you are gone because I don't want to forget to tell you some of the things I think you would like to hear, or to be honest, some of the things I would like you to hear. I wish I could say that you are missing out on so much fun stuff here, but the reality is that you are probably having way more fun floating down the river in Alaska than I am trying to occupy my days to make them go by faster here.

You would have been really proud of me last night when we were at Phil and Anne's. The guys were talking about Mike's message on 1 Corinthians 14 (which we missed while we were camping) and saying that his view on it was similar to William Webb's in Slaves, Women, and Homosexuals. I said, "Oh! You're talking about the redemptive hermeneutic." They were very impressed. So, I sounded smart thanks to you! And, we should listen to the podcast from that week when you get back.

Also, apparently 10:45 is too late to leave from our house in order to get to church by 11:00, especially when you have to stop and get gas too. But, I did find the jungle on our street. It's actually 2 houses that are next door to each other. I'll show you when you get home.

I love you and miss you, and I can't wait until you get home!

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