November 1, 2009

Oh my gosh! I have sucked at blogging lately. Life has been a little crazy, and I have been computerless for the last week. But, things are getting back to normal, and I plan to be more consistent with my blogging.


In my world, Halloween is a really big deal. First of all, I grew up in the Swenson Family, where Halloween had as many decorations and preparations as Christmas. Halloween colors are
and none of us could refrain from buying all the irresistable decorations we saw (especially when my parents owned their store and we could get them wholesale). Second of all, I teach fourth grade, which means there is tons of excitement over this holiday and all the fun events planned for it. Earlier this month, my kids did an art project and made stained glass pumpkins and glitter bats. We used these to create a pumpkin patch in our room.

Thank you Teri for the art idea!

Halloween parties at our house have been a yearly event for as long as I can remember. They were always at my parents house and were always extremely fun.

Halloween 2008

This year, that was not possible though, since my parents no longer have a house. So, we continued the tradition in our house this year. Kim made some delicious and adorable cupcakes for the big event, and they were a huge hit.

We missed you though Mom and Dad!
You should have come!

I took a lot more pictures than this, but I was not too excited about any of them. Steve took a lot of pictures too, and I know his were much better. His photography skills are almost as good as his dj skills (he did a little DJing for our pary). He is going to share them with me, so I will post more on here once I have those. Check out Steve's new blog's pretty cool.

Also, you have to see the incredible cakes that Kim has made here on our Caramel Cup blog. She has some serious talent!


  1. awesome blogging! I need to learn how to make mine pretty like yours. so no good photo's? lame! Thanks again for you and nick having every one over so much fun!

    And..... cupcakes, AMAZING
    And..... Thank you Amy for the doing my make up for me :)

  2. You did a great job, Mindy! Kim, the cupcakes looked awesome! Amy, I know you did a lot of work, too. Kristina, I missed seeing you and Sean in the pictures, but enjoyed lunch with you. Love you guys!!!!!


  3. What fun! We're pretty low-key around here.

    Does your mom have a blog? (It looks private.) Let me know the address, and I can pass it along to some others out here.

    So you teach 4th...I wasn't sure. I always loved doing bulletin boards, and it looks like you do too!