November 20, 2009

Perfect Breakfast

Nick and I went to the best breakfast place last weekend called the Ramos House Cafe.  It is in San Juan Capistrano, right by the train station, on what is supposedly the oldest residential street in California.  The food was AMAZING.  And the ambience was perfect.  The seating is all outdoors, which is not always fun in November.  But, they had the best heater, AND they had blankets at every table.  BRILLIANT IDEA!  This is my kind of restaurant.  If I owned one, I would want it to be just like this one.
We both loved our breakfast choices.  Nick got the crab cake hash, and I got the smoked bacon scramble.  All the breakfasts come with an extremely delicious biscuit.  The restaurant also makes their own salsa/ketchup stuff that was really good.

After breakfast we headed down to San Diego.  I will post some pictures from that trip tomorrow.


  1. Tom the Breakfast ManNovember 22, 2009 at 9:51 PM

    I'm canceling my classes this week and taking the train down. I won't be stopping in L. Niguel, just pick me up down at Ramos House. I'll be having the Duck Hash Wild Mushroom Scramble.