December 29, 2009

A Kinnier Christmas

We had a very fun Christmas in Turlock!  This was our very first Christmas there together.  We woke up, had some delicious cinnamon rolls, then opened our presents.  Nick's family was kind enough to indulge me in one of my family's traditions: posing individually in front of the Christmas tree with some of our favorite presents.

In the afternoon, we went for a nice little walk along the canal. It was a very pretty, clear day.  I guess this is rare for the winter in Turlock.
We really enjoyed our time in Turlock.  It always goes by too fast.  We left early in the morning on the 26th to get down to my grandparents to do Christmas with the from that are coming soon.

And Christmas for us still isn't over.  Nick and I are doing our Christmas tomorrow, and my family is doing our Christmas on Friday!


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous i love them all :)

  2. I made cinnamon rolls too...yummy!

    How do you get your corners of the pictures curved/cropped. I love it!