January 29, 2010

Kimmy IS 20!

It is hard to believe, but my little baby sister is 20.
I was in 3rd grade when Kim was born.
Since I was the oldest and Kim was the youngest, I may have been a little motherly towards her.
That is probably why she sarcastically called me Mom sometimes.
Kim used to sleep with me every night.
We liked to cuddle together.
She was 9 when I moved away to college--about the same age I was when she was born.
Whenever I came home, she would still sleep with me.
Then she grew out of that.  Somewhere around junior high.
That made me sad.
She still won't sleep with me....or anyone else.
She is kind of a brat about her bed.
But I still love her.
And I share a bed with someone else now anyways.

Kim is very talented as most of you probably know already.
She made this.
If you look at our Caramel Cup blog here, you will see some more of her talent.
Kim is also very funny.
And extremely cute.
She really should have been a child model.
Kim has a boyfriend.
We really like him a lot.  He's cute too.
She is hanging out with him tonight.

Here are some pictures of Kim for your enjoyment.
Kim with her real mom.

I love you Kimmy Joy!
Happy Birthday!

Will you make me some of these for your birthday?


  1. So sweet!

    Happy birthday, Kim!

  2. Gosh I really am so cute...

    I like that picture of me walking to the water, I'm stealing it.