January 25, 2010

Meet My Family Monday

Today you get to meet my fabulous
Aunt Karen!

This is my mom’s sister. She is the fifth of the eight kids in my mom’s family. She is next in line after mom. I thought that a picture of the 8 kids might be helpful for those of you trying to follow all this.

I grew up very close to my aunt. She would come over to our house and hang out with us a lot when we were young. One of my best memories is of her coming over and making nobakes for us at least once a week. If you have never had nobakes, you are really missing out. They are my favorite dessert! She also worked at my parents store for a loooong time. One of the things I miss the most about the store is seeing her lovely face whenever I went in to visit.

She spent many Christmas Eve’s with us, which always spiced things up.
She is a natural born model!

She prides herself on being the favorite child of my grandparents.  I think Grandpa's face in this picture reveals the truth on that one.

These are some reasons why I love her:

1. She is a wonderful baker.

2. She is very funny and makes me laugh a lot!

3. We are always welcome in her home.

4. She reads my blog—and even comments occasionally.

5. She shops at Costco and buys way more than she needs and then gives us any extras.

6. She has a very kind heart.

7. She is always happy to talk to me whenever I call her.

8. She is extremely generous.

9. She is beautiful!

Thank you Auntie for always being such an incredible aunt!


  1. i love no bakes


  2. kristina that's quite the model pose you have

  3. Of course I know Karen, but I was surprised by how many faces I recognized in the sibling picture.

    We have very few things hanging on our walls though we've lived here for 1 1/2 years...but one of the items is the framed gift she gave us for our wedding that says "FAITH" with a verse. :) It's beautiful. :)