January 7, 2010

Swenson Family Christmas

Our family celebrated Christmas on New Years Day!
We took a little trip down to the beach to hang out and let some people do some surfing.
All the boys went in the water.
Even Kristina braved the cold.
Mom and Dad really enjoyed themselves too.
Aren't they cute!

After the beach, we went home to have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.
We opened presents after dinner.  In our family, every person has to take a picture with every present and the person who gave them that present.  I will spare you the thousands of pictures we have from that and just share some highlights.
My mom and dad gave us each some really cool presents too.
A filet knife for Chris (he spearfishes) and knives (with other gadgets attached) for the Sean and Nick....among other things.
Each of us girls got some kind of present to aid in our creative endeavors.  Kim got an airbrush for her cakes.  Amy got lots of fun sewing stuff. Kristina got a corner cutter and rounder for her invitations.  I got knitting stuff, including this amazing knitting machine!  I have already knit 2 arm warmers and a hat.  It makes knitting so quick and easy!  I love it!
And I finally got a snuggie!

It was a very fun Christmas!

Carmack Christmas Part II is still coming...don't worry, it won't be as long as the first part.  I'm just going to post some pictures from our football game.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Your picture should be on the sunggie box.

  2. Awh! So fun! Looks like you got a lot of amazing crafty things! Can't wait to see how you put them in use!

  3. Okay can I just say I laughed out loud at the picture of Kim opening that box of something for cooking. Hilarious.
    There Mindy, I commented.

  4. Ooh, lots of crafts for Christmas! I'm drooling.