February 15, 2010

A LOVE-ly President's Day

Nick and I celebrated Valentine's Day today.
We are not too sentimental about this holiday.  In fact, we were trying to recall all the different Valentine's Days we have had in the last 7 years of our relationship, and we could only remember 3.  You can see one of them here....our first one as a married couple.

But, Valentine's Day is a good excuse to go on a date, so we did.
We celebrated today instead of yesterday because I had the day off school.
We went down to Laguna Beach for breakfast at The Cottage.  This was not Nick's original plan.  His original plan was actually this, but The Cottage was a good alternate since the Ramos House Cafe was closed today.
It's a cute little restaurant on PCH, and today was absolutely beautiful to be outside.
Then we took a walk along the beach for a little while.
The water was calling to Nick, so we headed home so he could get his surfboard and I could grab a book and Belle.  Then we headed down to Strands so that Nick could surf and I could walk Belle and then enjoy some reading.
One of these surfers is Nick.  I'm not sure which one.
I'm pretty sure this was Belle's first time actually walking on the beach in her whole 14 years of life.  She is definitely not a water dog.
It was a Lovely Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. belle is so cute...i want her to come live with me for a little while. i miss her.