March 1, 2010

Meet My Family Monday

Today you get the priviledge of meeting
I had a few interviews done for some other people, but today is for him.
He is not doing well, and we don't know how much longer we are going to have with him.
I am with him now.  A lot of us are here with him.

I'll share a few stories with you about Grandpa.
He is quite the character.

Story #1: So, as most of you know already, my family gets together every Sunday night.  There was a period of time where Grandma and Grandpa were getting a lot of calls from telemarketers.  This was extremely irritating to Grandpa.  So, one Sunday night the phone rang, and Grandpa answered, saying hello.  When he heard the telemarketer on the other end, he got a smile on his face and said, "Je ne comprend pas" and hung up the phone.  We were all dying laughing at his use of French.
Story #2:  Going with the theme of story #1, this one has to do with annoying junk mail.  Grandpa hates getting junk mail, where they want you to sign up for something and then mail it back to them.  So, Grandpa came up with the brilliant idea to stuff the return envelopes with cardboard and paper until they were packed full and mail them back.  After all, they were the ones that had to pay the postage, not him.  That was his little way of getting back at them for being annoying.
Story #3:  When I was a junior in high school, I was in a really bad car accident...and it was my fault.  There were injuries in the accident, but miraculously, no one died.  Still, I was devastated by the fact that I was responsible for what happened.  Grandpa called me that night to talk to me about it.  He was worried about me and wanted to make me feel better.  He told me about the accidents that he had been in during his life and how some of them were his fault.  He wanted to make sure that I felt okay and wasn't too hard on myself. To understand how much this meant to me, you have to know that Grandpa does not call to talk to us on the phone.  That's just not his style.  So, the fact that he called our house that night, and asked to talk to me, and took the time to make me feel better meant the world to me.  It showed me just how much he cared for me and how much he loved me.

I am going to continue to tell Grandpa stories all week on here, if I have the strength.
I will leave you today with a conversation that happened last night....just to show he still has his wit.

Grandpa: I want to die.
Aunt Karen:  Well the doctor says there's nothing wrong with you, Dad.
Grandpa: Well, what's the doctor going to say when I'm dead?
I love my Grandpa so much.  We all love him.  Please pray for my family.  This is a really hard time right now.

Grandpa accepted Jesus.  I know God has been working on his heart for some time now.  And I believe in his heart, he accepted Christ a long time ago.  The other day my dad went in to talk to him.  He did not want to be bothered, but when my dad told him that Jesus is knocking on the door of his heart, Grandpa became peaceful and listened. Dad asked him if he would open the door and accept Jesus.  He looked right at my dad and said yes.
I have been praying for that my whole life.
I will see him again, and be with him forever.  



  1. My Sweet Mindy...thank you for sharing this tender conversation between your dad and grandpa. My heart so wanted to hear those words as I know you have been praying for his salvation forever. I love you so much and my heart is aching with you. I'm so sorry we didn't know he passed, Honey. I just found out today by seeing all of the beautiful profile pics of you girls with Grandpa! OXOX, Dawn