March 28, 2010

She's Home!

Belle came home on Friday night!
When I picked her up from the vet, it was so hard to see her all groggy and in pain.
But, the surgery was successful and she is tumor free!
The first night was rough.
She has a drain in her, which blood is draining into.  But, blood still seeps out around it.
She bled a lot the first night, but is hardly bleeding at all anymore.
The drain comes out tomorrow, and her stitches come out on Friday.
I can't find my camera right now to take pictures of her poor little chest, but it is quite a sight.
There is no bandage on it because of the drain.
She is doing really well today though, and is pretty much back to her normal self.
She is not supposed to walk for 10 days, and I am realizing now how hard that is going to be.
She has tons of energy....which I am really thankful for.


  1. :) yay for little belle! im so happy shes feeling better!

  2. I just saw her at Grandma's. The breast reduction did wonders for her girlish figure.