June 22, 2010

Father's Day

We were lucky enough to spend our Father's Day with Nick's parents.  They were down visiting from Turlock this past weekend, so we made sure to have lots of beach time and lots of good food. {I was secretly hoping that all this fun would make them want to move down here.}

This was our Father's Day:
-watched the World Cup....in Spanish (one of the many joys of not having cable tv)
-went to church
-went to an Open House down the street that is the same model as ours so that we can get ideas
-fell in love with the things they did in that house
-came home so Nick and his dad could work on the sprinker system
-called my mom to come over so that she could see the Open House too
-went down and took pictures of the things we like in the house
-Nick and his dad broke the sprinkler, so we decided to go to the beach instead
-Tom said that is what good father's do...get their sons into predicaments so that they can learn how to get out of them themselves
-rode our bikes to the beach
-Nick and his dad swam
-Teri and I enjoyed the sand
-rode our bikes home
-ate dinner at Sarducci's in San Juan Capistrano

Some pictures from the day:
Happy Father's Day to the greatest Father-in-Law a girl could have!

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