June 7, 2010

Meet My Family Monday

Today, you get the privilege of meeting my cousins,
Beth and Richard Berry!
Beth is my cousin.  She is the daughter of Uncle George and Aunt Cindy, the sister of Scott, and the mother of Sean.  Richard is her husband of almost 4 years!

This is Beth as a baby....so cute! 
I interviewed these two last night, so here is the interview for your reading pleasure.

Me:How did you guys meet?
Richard: I met her when it was my birthday and we had to do push ups and she forgot to tell the sargaent that I was in the formation.  So I had to wait there for an extra 15 minutes.
Me: Beth, when did you first know you liked him?
Beth: I don't know.
Richard: Columbus Day
Me: When did you get married?
Richard: I don't remember the exact year.  July 28, 2006 I want to say. 
Beth nods her head.
Richard: Just add a year to Sean, that's how I know when we got married.
Me: What's it like to be parents?
Beth: Tiring
Richard: Fun
Me: I take it you probably do the tiring work, and you probably do the fun work.
Richard: No, it's tiring, but it's also fun, especially as he gets older.
Me: What do you guys like to do in your free time.
Beth: We go to the movies a lot.
Me:Do you have any hobbies.
Richard: Comic books
Beth: Reading
Me: Do you have a favorite book?
Beth: I just read whatever, but lately it's been vampires because that's all that's out there right now.
Me: Do you think that you'll have more children?
Richard: We'll have to ask Sean that one.  Do you want a little brother or sister?  Do you want a little baby in the house?
Sean: Yes.
Me: Do you have any summer plans?
Beth: No, not really.
Me: Are you going on the Carmack family camping trip.
Beth: Probably not.
Richard: I don't really do camping.
Uncle George: I just want to point one thing out.  At that time of the year in that part of the country, the mosquitos will carry you away. (Uncle George-I put your words in pink because you are a wuss)
Me: That's not true.  I've been there at that time of year and I hardly got bit at all.
Beth: It would be fun. I would have to put in a time off request for it.
Me: I will email you this week to remind you about it.
Kyle (who you will meet later): What is your favorite sport?
Richard: College Basketball
Me: Favorite team?
Richard: Duke
Beth: I don't have one.  I like all sports.
Me: Kyle, maybe you should take over my job as the interviewer.  I am really bad at coming up with questions. So, I guess I will wrap it up now.  This is always my final question.
Kristina: Wait.  What's your favorite thing about each other?
Everyone in the room: Ooohhhh good question!
Richard: Her eyes.
Amy: Okay, give us one physical and one personality trait.
Richard: She gets tunnel vision.  She is really focused.  Like when she wants a bag of Doritos, she needs a bag of Doritos right now!  She is also really focused when she is doing homework and works with Sean.
Beth: His smile for the physical trait. And he has the ability to do a lot of things at once.  Like watch tv and sit on the computer.
Me: What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Carmack family?
Uncle Harry: Mindy Swenson
Richard: I'm going to go with it's big
Beth: The craziness that is us
Me: Do you have a favorite memory?
Beth: Pleather pants, matching ruffle dresses,(pictures coming soon) the doll house that we played with while the boys played with the trains.

And we even have pictures to remember these memories!
Ruffle dresses made by Grandma and pleather pants courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa.
This is Grandpa working on the trains that the boys played with while we played with the dollhouse.  Yeah, we were a little jealous.

Didn't they make an adorable child?

And here are a few more old pictures just for fun!
Beth and Amy are the same age, so they were always together as kids.
Beth with Grandma and Grandpa before she left for the army.

Thanks Beth and Richard for letting me interview you guys!
Beth, this is your reminder....put in that time off request.

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