July 22, 2010

Part 4-The Last Day

We said good-bye to our marvelous little campsite #176.
I would highly recommend that spot if you ever camp at the Lodgepole campground in Sequoia.  It is nice and secluded, very spacious, and not too far from the bathrooms or the river.
We decided to drive home through the city of Lyndsay because that is where Nick's grandma Helen and her family are originally from.  Her family, the Jessups, used to own an adorable little cafe that is still there, so we decided to stop in.  We ordered a pint quart of orange ice cream to share.  They still use the recipe that Nick's great grandpa made up when he owned the place.  Nick asked about it when he ordered.
Then they asked Nick if he was a Jessup, and he said sort of.  I was a little bit perplexed about his response, so I couldn't help but remind him that he is just as much a Jessup as he is a Kinnier.  So, he should not have said sort of.  He should have proudly said YES! That's like my children (were I to have any) saying they are sort of Swensons or sort of Carmacks.  Not acceptable!
Anyways, the ice cream was AMAZING.  We have all been craving it ever since we got back.  Kim felt famous while we were sitting there because she was sitting with actual members of the Jessup family (Nick and me).  She even whispered to me:
"Isn't it so cool that you get to say you are related to the people who owned this place?!?"
She was a little star struck being in my presence.
(who could blame her?)
And then I came home to a plastic house.
I will explain later.


  1. we actually got a quart of that ice cream not a pint haha and we devoured it :) i want some right now!! nick needs to get the recipe!

  2. This will be a tough trip to top! Looks great. And I love the new blog makeover...very YOU! so cute.

  3. way to support the Jessup side of the family!-- I haven't been to the icecream shop but that place sounds rather delightful, and I could use some of that icecream in this heat:) good finish to a great vacation