August 11, 2010

Last Day Highlights

After hiking Half Dome, we headed down to Little Yosemite Valley for our final night.  The next day we hiked out to Yosemite Valley, while visions of Happy Burger danced in our heads.

Here are some highlights from that day:
Since our car was in Tuolumne Meadows, and we were now in Yosemite Valley, we needed to get back to our car.
(These two places are about an hour drive from each other).
We assumed that there would be a shuttle running back and forth between the two places all day.
But, you know what assuming does.  The next shuttle was not until 5 pm, and it was still pretty early in the day.
So, we decided to hitchhike.
And it just so happened that when I was holding the sign, a lovely little couple pulled up in their motorhome with 2 seats available.  So, Nick and Tom headed off to get the cars, while we kept ourselves busy in the Valley!  It worked out splendidly.
And then we headed to Happy Burger.  
Oh Happy Burger, how I love your seasoned curly fries.

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  1. I just wanted to thank you Mindy for including me in the series of couple photos in front of vernal falls- gotta get my face out there some how:)

    AND I laughed out loud at the concept of whether backpacking is a vacation or not, I'm glad that my father is still in your good graces:)

    Alyssa Joy