October 15, 2010

Birthdays and Exciting News

Derek and Annette (second cousin and wife in case you forgot)decided to have a birthday party for their kids Meghan and Evan over the weekend with all the family that was out for the wedding.  They both have October birthdays, so it was the perfect opportunity.
Meghan thought that there were going to be party hats at the party and was so excited to tell us that we would get to wear them.  After she went to bed, Annette let us in on the fact that she did not actually buy party hats, and she was worried that Meghan would be upset.  So, we pulled our resources, found some ribbon, paper, and glue and made her her very own crown.
We partied at the playground.
If you are wondering who the cute redheaded girl is in the picture, that is our second cousin-in-law, Steph.  She is married to our second cousin Brandon, who is brothers with Derek.  The little boy she is holding is their son, Arden.....so cute!
Our family isn't confusing at all.
I will explain more about their relationship to us in the upcoming "Meet My Family Monday" posts.  That's right.  I'm bringin' it back!

After the party, we went for a little walk around the Warren Center Community Center, where the party was.
First, we went inside where we found this awesome picture!
{Aunt Ruth is my grandma's younger sister.  Kasey (the one that got married) is her granddaughter.}

Then we walked over the covered bridge and around the little walking path they have there.
Aunt Ruth's house is just down the street from the community center.
{Her house used to be a hotel.  Isn't that cool?!?}

In other exciting news.......

1) Brandon and Steph are coming to visit for Thanksgiving!!
We are soooooo excited!  Oh, the power of persuasion.
2)Hope International's soccer team beat Biola!!!!!
You are probably wondering why a Biola alumni like myself is so excited about this news.  I don't think I've mentioned yet that Nick is coaching Hope this year with our friend Joe, a fellow Biola alum.  It was an incredible game that went into overtime.  I have never wanted a team to win so badly.  The refs were awful!  I'll share the whole story later, but just wanted to post the exciting news.


  1. Yes the best cousins ever are going to be together for Thanksgiving!

    Brandon and I will work on better answers to your interview questions so we can have a do-over when we are in CA. :)

  2. Better answers? What about better questions?

    Looking forward to being in CA, not so much the getting there though.

  3. WOW! You got BnS to comment on your blog. Amazing!

    Adorable pictures! Derek didn't get any pictures of the crown, but you sure did! Adorable!

    I hear you girls helped BnS find a good deal for flights. When we come, you'll do that for us, too, right?

    I learned lots...and loved all the pictures, esp the school picture! Your use of the word "street" was rather liberal, though.

    You girls are always so cute! Meghan liked it too.

  4. Of course Annette!! You guys should come for Thanksgiving too!

    And no way there is going to be an interview do-over! Brandon admitted I am his favorite and that must be blogged about! :)

  5. Amy Lynn, had Brandon been smoking something funny-smelling shortly before the interview? That's the only explanation I can come up with!