October 31, 2010

Halloween Bowling

Since we chose to forego our annual Halloween party this year, due to our home's current state, we thought that bowling would be a nice substitute.
Bowling in costumes that is....
Esther and I decided that we wanted to lose a little weight, so we recruited our husbands to be our personal trainers.
Cindy Lou Who, Calvin and Hobbes, 80's rockstars, Bootylicious babes and their personal trainers.

And tonight, we are laying low.  Barbecuing with the family, watching the World Series, and passing out candy to trick-or-treaters.



  1. I gre up going to Saddleback Lanes. Lots of good memories. Your crew never ceases to amaze me in the creativity department. Go Giants!

  2. Booty-lishous babe,

    could you give me the number for your personal trainer? Since you seem to be in such AMAZING shape, I'd like to see if he's taking any more clients. I'm looking for precisely that kind of finely sculpted darriere.

    tired of saggy pants

  3. Amy,

    Love the outfits - very stylish. Brings back memories.

    Aunt Karen