October 12, 2010

Kim on a Plane

I have much to share, so I will start at the beginning.  

Heading to Binghamton:
I had the privilege of sitting next Kimberly Joy on our long, long flight to Philadelphia.  Yep, I was the privileged one who got to sit in the coveted middle seat on the plane.
{Note me in the middle seat.  This is pre-take-off, as you can see by the smiles on our faces.  They were soon to disappear.}
So, as I mentioned, it was a red eye, and we wanted to sleep, so we all put the armrests up between us.  I was peacefully resting my head on the armrest that was between Kim and me and had just dozed off when the armrest was abruptly jarred back from under my head.  I awoke to Kim's face in my face and her angry demon whisper (which is not a whisper at all and can be heard 10 rows in front or behind us) telling me that the armrest was digging into her back.

I pulled the armrest back out, without acknowledging Kim, and rested my head on it again.  It was jarred back again, and I heard more angry whisper yelling.  So, I called her a brat and turned to the armrest on the other side.
Out of nowhere, she grabbed my arm and squeezed the crap out of it.  We're talking an outrageously hard squeeze.  Followed by angry demon whisper yell saying, "How would you like to have this thing digging into your back while you're trying to sleep."

I ignored her.

But after a couple of minutes my arm still hurt, and I was growing angry.  So I punched her in the leg.  Then she punched me back.
I was about to punch her again, but thought to myself, "Mindy, you are 29 years old, and you are resorting to toddler level conflict resolution."  So I left things and slept.

When we landed, Kim turned to Amy and me and said that she didn't sleep at all.  
I said, "Your breath smells like you slept."  
She started crying.



    And I'm glad you said which one you were in the pic. Now that they're all grown up too, I can't tell you apart. :/

  2. It's amazing how siblings act like siblings all their lives...though they do sometimes remember their age.

    We'll have to hear Kim's side, too!

  3. Heres my side- I was trying to fall asleep in many different positions, all of which did not work because I was on the end and had nothing to rest my head on. I tried to lay on the tray table, but was then hit in the head by the seat when the guy in front of me leaned his seat back. It was the plastic part of the seat where the tray table connects and it hit me so hard out of no where and hurt extremely bad. Then as I'm still trying to figure out how to fall asleep, Mindy's armrest starts digging into my back because it was pushed onto my side of the seat along with her feet, leaving me no room at all to sleep. I tried to figure out a different way to sleep, but could not. So then I moved the armrest so it would not longer dig into my back and Mindy decided to ignore the fact that it was actually hurting me. I wanted her to understand that it hurt and I wasn't just being selfish so that is why I grabbed her arm (it was pretty hard, but she really made me mad when she just ignored me) and tried to pull her back so that she could feel that it hurt. And then she punched me sooo hard in the leg that I had to punch her back. And I really didn't sleep the whole plane ride. I fell asleep for a few minutes but was then woken up to Mindy poking me saying she had to go to the bathroom. And Mindy and Amy didn't even care that I didn't sleep because they were sleeping peacefully the majority of the night. (somehow Amy got the window on all four flights). And I really wasn't yelling, I was whispering angrily at my annoying sisters.

  4. Mindy- this made me laugh so hard! I love sisters! I read it out loud to my sister and she loved it too. =)