December 22, 2010

Family Breakfasts

Kimmy Joy has come to live with us.....temporarily.
She is home from college, but her room at home has been taken over by a house guest.  Therefore we get the pleasure of hosting her for a bit.  Now, I am not so sure that she was considering this to be such a pleasure herself.  She informed me upon her arrival that she had been dreading coming to stay with me because I pry.  Ummm, excuse me!

I was highly offended, and I may have given her the silent treatment for a bit.
I complained about it to Nick, but all he had to say about it was, "Well, you do pry."
I apologized to Kim for "prying" and reminded her that I only seem like I pry because I care.

Now, since then, Nick has made us several gourmet breakfasts that we have been enjoying as a little family with our baby Kimmy.  When we were sitting at breakfast yesterday, Kim informed me that she was actually really enjoying her stay.  Go figure.....I am not that bad. (Though I may be restraining myself just a little from asking just a few prying-ish questions.....and, I may get the evil eye from Nick every time some sort of prying-ish question starts to come out of my mouth.....but really I'm not that bad).

And now we are in Turlock to spend Christmas with the Kinniers....and I will not be there to tuck my little baby girl into bed tonight.

I love you Kimmy, and I am excited to continue our family meals when we get back!  Thank you for putting up with my prying and even answering my questions now and then.

p.s. Our Christmas cards went out today. They are my favorite of ours thus far.  We enlisted a professional graphic designer and photographer because we want our cards to be THAT good. I guess it helps when people with these 2 occupations are members of your immediate family. Kristina designed them for us and Amy was our photographer.  If you haven't sent us your christmas card yet, please, please do! Christmas cards are one of my favorite parts of Christmas.


  1. miss you both!!...and breakfast :)

  2. Looking forward to what Amy and Kristina teamed up to create for you and Nick!

    Have fun with Kim for the next month or so!

  3. thank you for linking to the post about kim on a plane...i got another really good laugh out of that one :)

  4. Hey! I thought you linked to my blog! Loser!!!

  5. Hi Mindy- Mercy, Jamey and I are together in Dallas, making a birthday cake for Jesus-chocolate stout cake with ganauche and fresh raspberries (I'm not sure that Amaleah and Julia will appreciate the creation.) We've enjoyed your sister blogs today; by the way,some say that I pry. . .
    love to all the Turlock family.

  6. I love your heart for your family, Mindy. I feel the same way about my own. I may have the joy of living in Hawaii, but it's not nearly as fulfilling as living near my family...whether in CA or CO. I love and miss you and your whole family! Please give Aunt Karen my love! Happy New Year! OX, Dawn Montgomery

  7. I never know what to press at the bottom...not sure how "anonymous" came up! LOVE YOU!