January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Brit!!!

Today Brittney is 30!!
She has to experience this painful day first.  This day where we leave behind our youthful years and enter into the world of old people.  But, isn't she a beautiful 30 year old?  I hope I can look as young as her when I turn 30.
 And, during Brittney's 30th year in this world, she will be bringing a new little life into the world.
That's right!
Her and Matt are having a baby!
I am so excited for them.

I hope you don't mind that I just told the whole world your news, Brit.
(Because we both know that the whole world reads my blog. Seriously. Check out how many followers I have.)


  1. Don't worry Brittney, being old is really fun.

  2. wait... im pregnant?!?

    thank you for my post :) my first thought this morning was "i wonder if i will make the blog."yay for best friends!!!

    love and miss you