February 24, 2011

Grandmas are Cool

I had some fun looking back through old pictures the other day, and found some that I thought were worth posting.

For those who don't already know, my Grandma is an amazing quilter.  She is the most talented woman I know when it comes to sewing, and she has taught tons of people how to sew through classes and books she has written.  Here is proof.

So, at my wedding shower, when she chose to give me what was in my opinion the most beautiful quilt ever made, I was in shock.
Grandma had shown us pieces of this quilt before it was actually sewn together.  It is a replica of a quilt that Grandma got from my great-great-great-great grandmother.  I never imagined that she would be giving it to me, and I was beyond excited that she gave me a quilt that was so special and that she had spent so much time on.

But, as we were admiring the quilt, Amy made a little discovery.
Grandma had not just given me the replica she made, but the original quilt itself was also tucked away in the bottom of the box that I had opened!

The shock that followed was comical.
To say my sisters were jealous is an understatement.
We all thought that maybe she just put it in the box so that people would be able to see the original that the replica was made from.
On the back of the quilt, Grandma sewed a little pouch with a picture of my great-great-great-great grandmother, Violaty Gaylord Corbin, and some other family members on it.  Inside the pouch, she put a history of the quilt and all of its owners as it has been passed down.  She added my name to the history.
The quilt was made sometime around 1880 and is very valuable.  How lucky am I that it is mine?  I am never giving these quilts up (well, until I have a granddaughter of my own I guess...but she just might have to wait until I die.)
If you ever come over to my house, I'll have to show them to you in person.
The replica was hung up in our apartment the whole time we lived there.  It is one of the first things I am going to hang in our house once we get to that point....which is soon.
We are off to Santa Barbara this afternoon because....
It's Katie and Collin's Wedding Weekend!
I am so so excited to see these two get married.
I love them both so much.

And when we get back, I will be announcing the giveaway winner.
That's right, today is the LAST DAY to enter the giveaway.
So, do it!
(And yes, I am yelling at you with that exclamation mark.)


  1. WOW! I had only seen Gma's quilt that she uses to cover her dining room table. (Of course we do have the pretty towels she embroidered as her wedding gift to us...)

    Amazon even has the biscuit quilting book! I did not know that she had written it!

    Beautiful quilts! What a heritage!

  2. Mindy! What an AWESOME story! I LOVE things like that... random family heirlooms that are passed down that just touch our hearts. Next time I'm at your house, I wanna see!

    P.S. I too am exclamation mark happy... I like to think it's just our excitement coming through. ;-)