February 9, 2011

Katie's Bachelorette Weekend

I can't believe that it is almost time for Katie and Collin's wedding! We are only 2 and a half weeks away.
Of course this means we had to celebrate one of Katie's last weekends of singlehood and help get that girl ready for her honeymoon.
So, we headed to Santa Barbara for the weekend to partaaayyy.
Lisi, Katie's sister, planned a progressive dinner along State Street.
Hor'doerves and drinks at one place.
Pasta.....lots and lots of pasta....at another place.
(So much pasta, that I actually threw some of it up later....i know you wanted to know that.)
And a final stop for dessert.
 I had so much fun celebrating with these girls and I am really excited for Katie!  I can't wait until the wedding when we all get to hang out again.

On a side note, if you did not get to see our Christmas cards, Kristina posted them on her blog, PLUM PAPER.  Go check them out, because they were way CUTE! And while you are there, you can check out all her other stuff, and even go shopping in her store!

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  1. such a fun weekend! thanks lisi for planning it all! so excited to go back up in 2 weeks! (but also sad to be losing my lovely roommate in 2 weeks)