March 26, 2011

eight years

Eight years ago today, Nick became my boyfriend. 
This is me on the phone with Nick as he's asking me out on our first date.  It was a GYRAD (get your roommate a date).  His floor got a box at the Anaheim Pond for a hockey game.  We didn't really hang out in the box much though. We were busy talking in some empty seats at the top of the arena (and secretly hoping the kiss cam would put us on the big didn't).
Here are some pictures from the first few months of our relationship.
Time has flown by and a lot of life has happened since then.
I'm glad it's been happening with him.
We've come a long ways.
(but we still have the same kitchen table)


  1. Yay!! This is too cute -I love it Mindy. Happy 8 years of life together to you both :-)

  2. I like Nick's hair in these pictures.

  3. Happy 8! Ditto on Molly's comment.

  4. Hehe!

    And yes, do email...derekannette at gmail or yahoo. Both are working fine.

  5. This reminds me of the story of Nick with pen all over his face in class:)