April 16, 2011

Memory #16

Meeting Nick--Fall, 2002
I do not remember the first time I met Nick.  That is because he was a sophomore and I was a senior, so obviously I was way too cool to notice him.  But, my roommate, Brittney was hanging out with him and his friends more and more, and soon everyone I lived with was hanging out with them except me. That changed one night when my roommates and I went to have dinner at the Biola caf and Nick and his friends were eating there too.  We ended up all eating together, then going over to the SUB to play a game.  It was that night that sparked my interest in Nick.  I started hanging out a lot more when the guys were around after that.
Over interterm that year, a group of us took a class together at Fullerton College.  This is where Nick and I really got to know each other.  We made a bet one day when we were taking a test that whoever finished the test last had to take the other one out for ice cream.  I won, and Nick took me to ice cream the next week.  So, technically that was our first date, but we don't really count it as the first date.  There was also an unofficial date where we went to the park to play frisbee.  That whole date is on video, thanks to my lovely roommates who showed up with the video camera to spy on us.  We knew they were there when we discovered their car parked right by the park.  After that, it felt like forever before Nick finally asked me out on our first real date (which is also on video...man, I have a lot of videos to find and post on here).
I do have to give Brittney and Esther some credit for my relationship with Nick.  They spent a great deal of time talking to him about me while standing at the window of his dorm room (because they were girls and he was a boy and this was Biola and girls were not allowed in boys' rooms...it's a good thing he was on the first floor).
So, we went on some dates, we kissed, and we made it official.
The rest is history.
I love him!
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                                                                                             Source: worldmarket.com via Mindy on Pinterest
                                                                                         Source: worldmarket.com via Mindy on Pinterest

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