April 18, 2011

Memory #18

Weddings were a big part of my twenties.  That makes sense I guess.  Over the last few years, I was in four weddings that were all very special to me.  Here are some highlights from each of those weddings in the order they happened.

Brittney and Matt-April, 2007
These are the only pictures I have from Brittney and Matt's wedding....not great.  (Brit, send me some of your pictures and I will add them to this post.) Brittney and Matt got married just outside Seattle.  It was my first time traveling up there, and we had so much fun.  I loved seeing these two get married!

Kristina and Sean-January, 2008
My sister got married exactly a year and a half after I did.  Her wedding was so much fun and so beautiful.  It was gloomy all day, but it made the pictures so pretty.  The rain held off until the reception, which was at the Balboa Pavilion.  The banquet room had 3 walls of floor to ceiling windows overlooking the water, so when the rain did come, it was so beautiful to watch it fall as we danced the night away inside.
First two pictures by Hilmerson Photography.

Esther and Dave-July, 2009
I was very honored to be the maid of honor in Esther and Dave's wedding.  Nick and I were both in the wedding, which made it even more fun.
You can see more of Esther and Dave's wedding here.

Katie and Collin-February, 2011
Katie and Collin's wedding was the most recent wedding that I got to be a part of.  I was so excited that Katie asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.  You can see more from the wedding here if you didn't already.
I love all these couples to death!
My own wedding will be the next memory.
Wish List Item

A paddleboard of my very own.
Kristina designed these ones for a company...aren't they cool!?!

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