April 2, 2011

Memory #2

Honeymoon--July 2006
Nick and I had the luxury of taking a 3 week honeymoon.  The first week was spent driving up the coast of California so that we could go to Nick's cousin's wedding the next weekend.  From there, we flew to Puerto Rico and took a boat to a tiny island off the coast called Vieques, where we spent the next week.  And lastly, we flew from there to St. Lucia, where we stayed at the world famous Anse Chastanet.   A long honeymoon means a lot of pictures were taken.  So, I will apologize in advance for this long post.

Week One:
California Coast
We started the day after our wedding with Nick's car not starting.  We were supposed to be taking his car on our little road trip, but had to abandon that idea and take mine instead.  In my car, it is really easy to speed, so of course, we got pulled over.  We told the police officer that we were on our honeymoon, and he was very kind.  He had just gotten back from his honeymoon 3 weeks earlier, so he just gave us a fix it ticket for not having a license plate on the front of the car.

Week Two:
Vieques, Puerto Rico
Vieques was beautiful.  There is only one resort on the island, so it is very secluded.  We drove to a bunch of different beaches and had a lot of them all to ourselves.  There was one beach, however, that actually had a lot of people, including a nude couple who were vacationing with their adult children....sick.  I will spare you the picture we took of them.

Week Three:
St. Lucia
It was here that I fell in love with mountain biking, and it was here that I was eaten alive by mosquitoes.  I actually slept with my pajama pants tucked into my socks to try to keep the mosquitoes from biting my legs, and I became addicted to Benadryl.  Which also meant that I napped a lot.

 Wedded Bliss
And now onto what I want....
A piano

Source: Somewhat Simple

Source: My Scandinavian Retreat

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

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