April 5, 2011

Memory #5

Before I begin my memory, I must make a shout out to the people who have made all my memories possible.  Because without them bringing me into this world, I would not have any memories at all because I would not be here.
Today is my parents 37th anniversary.
And just because I can never get enough of this video, and because it is probably one of my top 20 memories from my 20's, here it is again:
 Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

And onto today's memory:

One Year Anniversary Trip--July 2007
To celebrate our first anniversary, we drove up the coast to Big Sur, where we stayed in a little cabin.  We revisited some places from our honeymoon, as well as some new places.
We went on a beautiful difficult hike on the Ewoldson Trail.  We hiked up through redwood trees until we reached the top, where the view was incredible.
We also brought our folding chair out to a little spot on a cliff one night to watch the sunset.  This made me a little nervous because we crossed over a gate that said "Private Property", but it was worth the danger.
And when we left, we wrote a little poem in our cabin's guestbook.  You can see the poem more clearly here.
And then we enjoyed some more sights on our way back home.
I was going to make this post about all of our anniversaries, but this is long enough.  I don't know what I was thinking with this whole 20 from my 20's idea....SO MUCH WORK...and I am sure that I am the only one that cares about any of this.

But I know you all care about this:
My Wish List Item
Source: World Market
Amy bought me a set of these napkins for Christmas, and I love them.  So, I wouldn't mind having another set.

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  1. I'm really enjoying this whole "twenty in my twenties" blog posting!! I look forward to reading your posts everyday! It's inspiring me to start blogging again!! And if I had lots of money I would buy your birthday wish list me you AND me!! All of the items are all so great!!