May 9, 2011

Our New Little Addition

We welcomed our little labradoodle, Brontie, into the family last night.
Isn't he so cute!!!
{Brontie was the name he was given when he was born.  We have debated keeping it or changing it, but it seems to be sticking, so we will see.}

Before he joined us, we decided to let Belle be Queen For The Day on Saturday. We took her down to Dana Point Harbor for breakfast and walked around a bit.  Then she came with us everywhere we went that day.She is still so stinkin' cute at 15 years old.  I just love her to death.
Our last picture as a family of 3

Then, last night, we picked up our little pup

We brought him home to meet Belle
Belle was pretty indifferent towards him at first, but I was relieved that she did not seem sad that there was another dog around.  My stomach was in knots the whole way home with Brontie because I was so worried about her.  I just don't want her to feel like she is being replaced.
They had to test each other out for a bit.  Brontie was really timid around her, and Belle was only mildly interested.
But they warmed up to each other, and I was so excited that Belle let Brontie snuggle up next to her on the couch.
Bronty even started to take up a lot of space so that Belle was hanging off the edge of the couch, but she didn't complain.  She let him have his space.
This morning was a different story though.  Brontie got a little too comfortable with Belle and started climbing all over her.  He is used to being able to play rough with his brothers and sisters, and Belle's hips are not used to being jerked around...they hurt enough without the extra weight on them.  So, they both still have some adjusting to do. 
I just really want them to be best friends.
They are way too cute together to not be.


  1. Awe. Meghan and I enjoyed the photos.

    Though friends...we understand all about sibling rivalry.

  2. Uh... Belle's not lookin' too happy in that last photo. She's thinking one more inch and she'll be kicking some puppy butt.

  3. Name him Tonto!

  4. You guys have the cutest dogs! I just want to smother my face in that little Brontie. Congrats on your growing family!