June 25, 2011

High School Graduation

I have 3 super cute cousins who are all the same age, and who all graduated from high school this year.
So, of course that calls for a big celebration party.
My cousin John and his wife Michelle hosted the party since one of the graduates was their son, Andrew.
This takes a small amount of explaining with my complicated family.

Scott, Holly, and Andrew were the graduates.
Scott and Holly are my first cousins.
Andrew is my first cousin once removed, because his dad (John) is my first cousin.

So, yes, I have cousins who had kids at the same time and even before some of my aunts and uncles.  We have a pretty wide age span in this group of cousins.

Anyways, back to the party.
Sean and Amy..........Aunt Cindy, Aunt Vicki, Kim, Kristina, and Aunt Debbie
My mom and moi............Aunt Becky, Uncle Bill, and my mom again.
The highlight of every high school graduation in this family is seeing the quilts Grandma made for the graduates.
Always amazing!
Gotta love my Grandma!
Congratulations Holly, Andrew, and Scott!
I will be posting some pictures from our trip soon, and hopefully Belle will write Brontie back....we shall see. (hint, hint Aunt Amy)

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