June 21, 2011

Kim's an Adult

Last weekend, we went over to Kim's new place to have a barbeque.  Kim is officially on her own, spending her first summer in her very own place.  She and some friends rented a huge townhome near Biola.  This place is amazing and significantly larger than my house.  But, they are cramming about 8 girls in there, so I guess that makes sense.
{The cute little hostess and the delicious food}
Kristina and Sean were home for the weekend, so they got to join in the fun, as did all three dogs.
Those dogs knew what they wanted, and their Grandpa/Dad made sure to spoil them.
Yay for family barbeques!

Nick and I are off to Plaskett Creek in Big Sur to camp for a couple of nights, then we are headed to Turlock for the lovely Molly Kinnier's wedding shower!  I can't wait!

Man,this is my fifth blog post in a row, after a 3 week absence.  I love having time!  If only it could be summer year round.

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