July 1, 2011


We were awakened nice and early by a big fluffy mound of fur in our faces on our last day of camping.  We have a 2 person tent, and since Brontie is almost the size of a person, we were a little cramped in there.  Plus, that guy loves to move and he loves to cuddle, which equaled not a lot of sleep for us.  So, when morning came, we were not feeling up to cooking ourselves breakfast.  We decided to just pack up and head to Carmel and let someone else make breakfast for us.
Since we were right by the Carmel Mission, and I LOVE visiting the missions, we decided to take a little tour.  It's the 4th grade teacher in me.  I will even let you watch the little video I made to introduce this mission to my kids.  I have done this for every Mission I have visited.
Don't you wish I was YOUR 4th grade teacher?
And here are some of the pictures that my kids will see.
Don't you feel so educated now?
But, to be honest, I was not all that impressed with this mission.  The other missions I have visited have done a much better job of showing the history of their missions.  And, personally, if I were Father Serra, I would have definitely chosen Mission San Juan Capistrano to be my home.  Not that I am biased or anything.

Okay, so moving right along....
We headed over to Cannery Row.  I had never heard of this place before, but Nick insisted it was cool, so we went. And it was cool.  Very cool.
We both started feeling like our throats were a little sore, and there is only one good cure for a sore throat.
Another perfect day.  Then, we headed to Turlock, where Nick's parents got to meet their "grand-doodle", as they like to call him.
On another note, Brittney had her little baby girl!
I stole this picture of her off of facebook.
Isn't she so cute!

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  1. As I type this from my Santa Barbara hotel room... I have an idea. I could make a little clip introducing the SB mission when we visit this week. that way if Davin ends up in your class next year, i'm sure it would be much to his delight to find that his mother is being projected on the screen in front of all his classmates introducing a mission.

    oh how lucky would he be!

    say the word Mrs. Kinnier. I could so be THAT mom.