July 7, 2011


After our camping trip last week, we headed to Turlock to visit our Kinnier family, where there was lots of wedding talk, wedding planning, and wedding showering for the upcoming nuptials of these two.

We also did some blueberry picking.  This too was wedding related, since most of these blueberries are being used to make jam favors for the wedding.
We had Molly's shower while we were up there.  I so enjoyed helping with some of the preparations for the shower and getting to know some of Molly's friends.
We made cake toppers out of edible play dough.  Grandma Helen's group was chosen as the winner.

There was of course some time for playing with the granddoodle.
And then we headed home.
But we will be back in no time for the wedding!

And I just want to give a little belated birthday shout out to my Uncle George.  I did not forget that his birthday was on the fourth of July, along with Independence Day, along with Esther's birthday, and along with my anniversary.  I had actually written a special happy birthday message to him in the blog post, but then erased it when I realized that I have not done a birthday post for any other aunts and uncles.  I did not want to seem like I was playing favorites, after all.  Hopefully that explains the situation to my anonymous commenter.  But, from here on out, I am going to do my best to acknowledge the birthdays of my aunts and uncles on the blog, with Uncle George being the first one.

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