August 23, 2011

The End of Things

 Here I sit in my bed, on this, my last night of freedom. 
Tomorrow I return to school.
I tried to make the most of my last day.  I enjoyed myself some beach time with that husband of mine and a double scoop of Thrifty rainbow sherbet ice cream. 
But that all happened after my unsuccessful trip to the Doheny clothing exchange.  You see, I had some pants that I was no longer in need of, that I thought I would trade in.

This was now my third attempt to trade in clothes at one of these stupid clothing exchange places.  I've been denied every time.  This is shocking, I know, considering my keen sense of style.  Today my clothes didn't make the cut because the girl was looking for "current fall fashions".  Ummmm, since when did pants go out of style?  Last I checked, you wear pants in the fall. 

 This is a very vulnerable position to be put in, having someone scrutinize your clothes.  And then to be rejected.  I just can't take it anymore.  I am officially done with clothing exchange stores.
And sadly, I am officially done with summer.

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