August 19, 2011

A Summer Tea

I attended this fabulous little tea on Sunday.  I must admit that I was a teeny tiny bit jealous that I had not planned it, because it was darn cute.
My friends, Jen and Lynsey, planned everything and get to take all the credit for the adorableness.
I ate an obscene amount of food.  Then, I had seconds.  (And thirds.)
You can see more pictures from the tea here on Jen's blog. (And you can check out some of her delicious recipes.  I have already tried a ton of them, and have loved them all.)

1 comment:

  1. You blogged our tea!!!! :) I'm so flattered. And thanks for my blog shout-out. ;) It was so fun to have all you guys there! Hope you know that you're parties and decor were part of my inspiration. I'm so glad you came and your muffins were delicious!! You should post that recipe on your blog. xoxo