September 18, 2011

Dining Room Additions

A while back, I posted our dining room before and after.  I thought it was complete at the time, but I was wrong.  While shopping at Goodwill to find decorations for Molly's wedding, I found this little serving cart.
And then I remembered that I had this bulletin board stashed under our guest bed. This was from my bedroom in high school.
I used one of the strands of circle garland that I made for my birthday party to string along the top of the bulletin board for a little added decoration.
I added the cart, the bulletin board, and an old rug that belonged to my parents to our dining room, and I think it really finished everything off.
And to remind you what it looked like before, here's a picture:
Add a cute dog, and I'd say the room is complete.


  1. very nice...I love finding things at second hand stores TnT

  2. Such a cute room. I love when you can reuse things.

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