October 22, 2011

Some Halloween Art

 Here we have some stained glass pumpkins which were made by my class last week (thanks to my mother-in-law, who gave me the art lesson for these). 
These are very easy to make, and so pretty.  Here's what you have to do to make them:
1. Take a black sheet of construction paper and trace a pumpkin using glue from a glue bottle, including all those lines down the middle of the pumpkin. 
2. Let the glue dry over night.
3.  Use oil pastels to color the different sections of your pumpkins.
4.  Laminate (not essential, but does make them look more stained glass"ish".)
**The key is finding glue that dries completely clear.  If you get the wrong kind of glue, it dries white, and it is not nearly as pretty. 
The kids also glittered some bats to add to our little pumpkin patch.
Then we attempted to make pumpkins like the ones here on Kristina's blog.  They didn't quite turn out like that, but they still made some cute garland around the room.

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  1. Love those pumpkins....alas, there are some things about teaching that I miss!