December 29, 2011

Christmas at Grandma's House

The Carmack family (my mom's side of the family) had our traditional Christmas day at Grandma's house.  Lots of hoopla surrounded this Christmas, since my cousin Jake lacerated his spleen while dirt biking 2 days before.  Way to go, dude.  He was in the hospital until 4:00 Christmas day, but he got out and made it in time for the grand gift exchange.  While we waited for him, we engaged in a little ladderball.  But first, we had to call AAA to open my car because I locked my keys in the trunk along with ladderball.  Way to go, me. But, then they couldn't get the trunk open and left without helping us. But then, a Christmas miracle ensued.  After many failed attempts to open the trunk in any and every way, it magically popped open the first time my dad tried it.  Way to go, Dad (or Santa...or Jesus... or whoever was responsible for that little miracle!  I like to think it was was his birthday afterall),

And so, there was ladderball....
And then there was the gift exchange.
Grandma gifted all of her daughters and daughters-in-law with beautiful new quilts....jealous.
Pictures in front of the tree of the many families within the Carmack family is a yearly tradition.
 Grandma and her daughters...
 Grandma and her daughters supposedly trying to be Swenson girls...
I don't know what makes them think we like to take pictures like that.
But, I think they need a little practice.

I love Christmas at Grandma's!  Favorite day of the year!

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